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PassPub is a simple tool to launch marketing campaign which connects you with your customers on the go.

PassPub facilitates easy distribution of marketing messages or offers to customers via URLs, emails, Facebook pages or QR code on printed materials.

PassPub allows notification or promotion messages to be pushed in specified location.d location.
Apps Free
Customers may download the passes directly at all iPhones with iOS6 or above, without any apps installation.

Content of the passes, such as special offer and push messages, can be updated automatically in accordance to your

Integrating PassPub with your social media or other marketing campaigns is just an easy job.

PassPub allows you to capture data, e.g. special offer usage and user portfolio, which facilitates analysis on campaign effectiveness.

Business Cases

We strive to tailor work-flow that best serves the needs of individual business cases with PassPub solution.

Coupon Offers

All coupons can be delivered to customers’ mobile device instantly. With redemption apps (PasScan), coupons can be verified easily while usage and customer behaviour can be systematically kept track of.


Physical membership cards are costly while your members often drop them or simply leave them at home? With PassPub membership card solution, you will be able to get rid of this headache while your customers can always have the membership cards along with them. More, bonus points balance and all promotional messages are all at their fingertip.

Event Tickets

Setting up events, checking RSVP, distributing tickets and verifying tickets can all be done via PassPub. Event tickets can be delivered to customers at their mobile phones within a second. Reminders can be sent and seating plan can be managed.

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